Whatever we do: everything happens due to our personal encounters.

Mainly analogous but also digital. An idea is merely a swift thought as long as it is not shared, developed and brought to life together with other people. I am fortunate to say that my numerous projects and cooperations stem from and are upheld primarily by one factor: good teamwork. Every single moment bears a chance and I am happy every time my ventures succeed.

This is the reason for this website and this is the reason for this blog.

9 Monate Break 2

Everything written has a preserving character and that very preserved content makes memories that much more present. My son Luca is in kindergarden now. During my pregnancy, I reflected and recorded my experiences in a blog on .

One could call it the diary of future life. These posts still exist. They are available for all who are already in the course of or wish to be mothers. There is so much precious advice from Monika Siller – specialist for manual therapy and guidance through pregnancy – which has proved to be an invaluable support for me during this time.