About Patricia Kaiser

When doing so many different things, people wonder what the common denominator might be.
“I love telling stories,” says Patricia Kaiser.  As moderator, highly demanded brand ambassador and exceedingly successful model.
“After all, every facial expression tells a story.”


Patricia has always stunned her parents, friends and teachers – already as a child. No one really knew where she had it from, but she was always capable of accommodating a far higher number of activities in her free time than others. Her thirst for action, which was viewed as remarkable even for a lively girl from the countryside, was never forced upon her by over-eager parents. Her extensive intrinsic desire to learn and experience new things was just never limited in any way…and that is still the case – even today.

It seems that even at a young age the highly sportive blonde already had a highly developed range of competences that many other people have to work hard to achieve: being goal oriented, being able to plan smart and predictively while still allowing a high level of flexibility. Even the supreme skill that all successful people have to learn – to know intuitively who and what will further your cause and who or what should be avoided – is something that Patricia Kaiser has had no problem to master.

One could say that this is a healthy basis for a career: youngest Miss Austria of all times at only 15 years of age while simultaneously being one of the most successful track and field athletes in the entire nation. Being able to enter the Austrian charts with three singles, having had a most thriving career as an international model and still finding the time to take care of her own needs as well as the most important people in her life.

8 years ago, Patricia Kaiser limited her career as a model to the German-speaking world as she did not “only want to have children but actually experience them”. Not only that, but they should benefit from having a mother, which is working out perfectly. Why? Because she is able to manage her jobs with the greatest of ease: moderation, modelling, storytelling, being a health-expert, being a mission ambassador for various leading companies as well as the “Wings for Life” foundation.

Stress? Not in her dictionary. Exhaustion? Neither. She doesn’t let it get that far. Many people struggle and strain where she is able to surf…how? “I only do things that I find reasonable. Thus, having a lot of work doesn’t feel like a duty to me, rather as something I want to succeed in”. It’s all about the attitude.

 And so, there it is, the main ingredients for her success story: her enthusiasm and the ability to captivate, being enthralled by people as well as ideas. That is how she chooses to live and work and that is the reason why she has become who she is: one of a kind.